I don’t even present until Friday but I’m already panicking about it. *sigh* Hopefully this conference is less stressful than the last. At least I’m talking about Sherlock Holmes.



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I have been campaigning for a Sister Act sherlock au, so I just got very excited when I read “musical”. Sherlock as Deloris, Mycroft as the Mother Superior or something, Moriarty as Shank, and if you ship it, John as Eddie. It’s awful, but amusing

Oh goodness, I can’t decide if I’m terrified or intrigued. Although I can’t picture Sherlock being willing to go into protective custody, he’d be too interested in the murder.

True, true, although if I’m being honest, the entire point of the AU is to see Sherlock in the purple thigh-high stiletto boots and cheetah print, singing soul music. Also, Mycroft singing soul and gospel. Everyone singing soul. You could even race bend the entire cast, for extra bonus.

And no matter what musical, you just know Moriarty would have the most fantastic villain numbers, and Irene would be stunning (since, you know, the whole opera singer thing)

Hmmmmmm. Racebent Sherlock cast where everyone sings soul and gospel. I am intrigued now.

I'm honestly trying to start a discussion and not a fight so if I come off bitchy that's not my intention - I think my main problem with tjlc is the belief that Sherlock MUST BE GAY. I get that a lot of people interpret him that way and yes, the representation of a gay love story in main stream media would be GREAT. But as an ace person, I also want representation, and I've always interpreted Sherlock as aro-ace, so this idea that johnlock MUST happen kind of rubs me the wrong way.


I understand that. But the thing is most people I follow and who believe in tjlc interpret Sherlock as grey-ace or demisexual anyway. Being asexual doesn’t necessarily mean being aromantic, so interpreting him as asexual is actual not an argument against it becoming canon. I understand that it might be frustrating for someone who interprets him as aromantic as well and of course we can just agree to disagree on this point, but I (and many other people) just don’t see it as a plausible interpretation, not after season 3. I just don’t see an aromantic person being THIS heartbroken over his best friend getting married and showing this degree of sadness, jealousy etc… I might of course be wrong, I’m not aromantic myself and I don’t know exactly how this works.  But I just cannot imagine that it would constitute a happy ending and good ace representation if he ended up alone and deeply UNHAPPY about it. We see in S3 that he is not happy, he wants John by his side and he is heartbroken by that wedding. I could plausibly see him as aro-ace and John happily married and them solving cases together, and the show being perfect example of ace representation, but PRE S3. Post s3? not so much. 

I can definitely see how acelock and tjlc would play nice together with a Sherlock who experiences romantic attraction. Maybe it’s just the specific people I follow but a lot of tjlc stuff I see on my dash is very ace-erasure-y which I obviously have a problem with.

As for aromantic!Sherlock, I think there is a lot of agree to disagree, and you make a good point on the idea of whether representation of a very unhappy ace is good representation. I just wanted to share my own experience as a mostly-aromantic person (and obviously anyone else in the aro/ace community with a different experience, feel free to jump in). There’s this idea in our society that romantic relationships are infinitely more important than non-romantic relationships, and when you’re a person who doesn’t experience or want a romantic relationship, there’s a constant (whether explicit or implicit) feeling that you are less important. So when one of your friends enters a romantic relationship or furthermore, gets married, that feeling intensifies. In someone like Sherlock, who seems to have trouble accepting that he even has friends besides John, his reaction in the context of someone aromantic made complete sense to me. So yes, Sherlock in series 3 came off with a lot of sadness and jealousy like you said, but it seemed to me like he was mostly just magnifying these feelings of “because you now have a wife I am significantly less important to you,” feelings that are only confirmed in the first part of HLV.

So again, agree to disagree and all, but you just seemed like a well-informed tjlc-er to have this discussion with.

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I have been campaigning for a Sister Act sherlock au, so I just got very excited when I read “musical”. Sherlock as Deloris, Mycroft as the Mother Superior or something, Moriarty as Shank, and if you ship it, John as Eddie. It’s awful, but amusing

Oh goodness, I can’t decide if I’m terrified or intrigued. Although I can’t picture Sherlock being willing to go into protective custody, he’d be too interested in the murder.

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I’m feeling with you! headcanon: in the xmas special john will accompany sherlock on the clarinette for a christmas carol ;D

That would be so lovely! I headcanon Mycroft as being an unwilling pianist, so maybe he could provide a bit of Alberti bass to their duet :)

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Head canon? I prefer a quodlibet myself…

I present, for your consideration, Bach’s Wedding Quodlibet. Let it never be said that Bach couldn’t be raunchy. http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Articles/BWV524Quodlibet%5BBraatz%5D.htm

Officially completed first part of academic research into Holmesian music! All set to present a paper on the violin as narrative device in screen adaptations next week!

Now I just hope the other person in my session hasn’t written pretty much the same paper, because her abstract makes me think we’re going to have a lot of overlap…….

Second conference presentation paper is nearly done. It’s just grunt-work editing and bibliography stuff left and clearly I don’t want to do it, considering that I’m sitting on tumblr instead of writing it.

Someone should distract me with musical Sherlock headcanons. And by that I mean either headcanons of musical aspects of the show and characters OR headcanons about the series Sherlock as a musical. Your choice.

I really appreciate the fact that my new advisor seems to implicitly know that I have a serious need to be reassured that I’m doing well - 

"You’ll see a billion comments below, which you should take as a sign that we’re past the heavy lifting and you are zeroing in on a final product. Congrats."

"But in short—great work! This is a fun project and I’m enjoying seeing it develop."

Sherlockians of tumblr, I need your help!

In two weeks, I’m giving a presentation about portrayals of Holmes as violinist in recent screen adaptations. I’m really excited about it, but I’m running into problems. I am going to be talking about the Guy Ritchie films, Sherlock, and Elementary, and obviously I’ll be showing video clips from each. However, I am having serious problems getting my programs to rip the DVDs, and I really don’t want to be switching between DVDs during my presentation. I managed to rip Elementary, but each time I try it with the others my programs crash.

So, does anyone have downloaded copies of the 2009 Guy Ritchie film and BBC “The Sign of Three” that they would be willing to send me? I would be eternally grateful!!

For you, FinalProblem.

We watched the BraveStarr Sherlock Holmes (in which this lovely song occurs) yesterday in the Chat, and wondered why no one had done this before. So I took it upon myself to remedy that situation.

Alright, tumblr friends, I need an opinion.

Tomorrow will mark four weeks that I haven’t been able to live in my apartment. Now, I can understand that no one expects the spanish inquisition a lightning strike, and there are some things that were out of their control. But the only things that needed to be repaired were the insulation and drywall of six units. This should not have taken four weeks. I don’t have friends or relatives here. I’ve been basically homeless, bouncing between hotels and my parents’ house (in a different state) and this is just getting ridiculous. Maintenance problems have been fixed quickly in the past (though there were a few annoying incidents where the maintenance men tried to tell me I didn’t have a clue what I was talking about when, in fact, everything that I said was wrong with the air conditioning was actually wrong) but lately it just seems like they don’t much care. At the very least, they should update me when things change (like, for the past four weekdays when they told me I would be able to move back in and it turned out to be a lie).

So the question is this: My lease up at the end of the month. Do I just suck it up and go with this place again, despite the horrible way things have gone for the past month? OR do I find a new place to live and go through the upheaval of moving again?

Apartment updates:

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My contribution to last night’s Giant Chat of Sumatra. We watched They Might Be Giants, a movie from the 70’s with George C. Scott as a man who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes, not the band (sadly). It was something.


If you were there, have some gold stars and a piping hot bowl of jelly donut soup to celebrate.

So I was watching House Hunters tonight (for those unfamiliar, it’s basically just a show about people looking for houses to buy and it’s awful and I don’t know why I watch it but I can’t stop) and someone said the bathroom was “adequate” and I lost it.

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Can you leave the house to work in a library or coffee shop? I have been in a similar situation, & having “office hours” helped so much. Sending good vibes & productive juju.

Yeah, there really aren’t many libraries near my parents’ place but I did spend several hours at the coffee shop which helped a bit. Now I’m back at the hotel, waiting for confirmation that I’ll be able to get back in to my apartment tomorrow. Not holding my breath, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

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